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CJSC Novosibirsk Geophysical Equipment Development Bureau
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What is NOKB?

NOKB Staff

80 employees work in NOKB. 49 of them are research engineers, 16 - administrative and office workers; 15 are involved in production. Their average age is 35.

We are located in the Novosibirsk Scientific Center (Siberia, Russia), famous for its high educational level. Novosibirsk State University and more than 80 scientific research and experimental-design institutes supply us with qualified IT and reliable scientific resources, which guarantee first-class services for our customers. Our employees are well-experienced and industrious. 90% of them hold bachelor's or master's degree in Mathematics, Physics, Informatics and Electronics design.

CJSC Novosibirsk Geophysical Equipment Development Bureau (NOKB GP) is a branch establishment of West-Siberian Corporation TYUMENPROMGEOFIZIKA (TPG) (http://www.tpg.ru), the one of the largest Russian oilfield service companies providing the full range of well logging and perforating services for prospecting and production of hydrocarbons.

NOKB specializes in research work, software development, design, production and sustaining of geophysical equipment. Our basic field is scientific-research and design work, which takes 70% of our effort. The other 30% goes for small lot production.

We perform our services for Russian as well as foreign customers and have the experience of working with companies from the NASDAQ list.

NOKB production

By present time NOKB has produced more than 225 automated Geophysical Well Logging Systems, including 65 twin sets;
120 Geological and Technological Study and Mud Logging Systems for TPG and external customers.

NOKB products

04.07.2007 Quality Management System Certificate >>>

28.02.2007 BB_USB Driver Software >>>

19.02.2007 USB to BB Adapter is developed >>>

CJSC Novosibirsk Geophysical Equipment Development Bureau
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